The Daelgardes "A" litter

The first litter bred by Daelgardes, the "A" litter, was out of Piper by Ch Deewal Ferouche. 5 champions were finished from this first litter.

Ch Daelgardes Aggie CD ROM and Ch Daelgardes Abraxas CD lived in Raleigh with David and Ellen. Aggie and Abraxas can be viewd on "A" litter page two. To read a tribute to Abraxas, "Brax", titled "Best In Soul", click here.

 The other 3 champions were Ch Daelgardes Avatar, Ch Deewal Daelgardes Abigayil, and Ch Deewal Annie. Avatar and Annie can be viewed below.

Piper as an adolescent

Ch Deewal Ferouche

Ch Daelgardes Avatar

Ch Deewal Annie

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