Apache in CA and OH

The group on the left all worked at Warmlite Camping Equipment in Canoga Park, CA. 
Apache is peeking out from next to me.

When the business moved to the East everything had to be trucked to NH.
The picture of the UHAUL on the right shows what happens if you 
go under a Stuckey's sign that isn't high enough, it peeled back the roof.
There was a hose from the drivers window, over the truck roof, 
and then through a crack under the slightly open truck rear door, for communication
between the person lying right under the roof at the back on the red 
sleeping bag which is visible in the picture and the driver. 
Passengers riding in the truck cargo compartment was against UHAUL rules.
I was quite frightened to watch the roof peel back over my head.

 We then found ourselves, in the middle of the night, in middle America.
waiting for UHAUL to open so we could transfer everything to a new truck and 
be on our way. For a bunch of  scruffy looking kids it was a perilous position to be in.

In Canton, Ohio

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Apache in CA and OH     Apache and Mac at the NH bus in the woods

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