Daelgardes Bouviers

  Available to approved bitches
 Ch Daelgardes Flash - frozen semen available

The highly successful Daelgardes breeding program originated from one foundation bitch, Ch Piper CD ROM. Pi became part of Ellen's family prior to her marriage to David. To learn about Ellen's spontaneous puppy purchasing adventure click here,
 to read about Pi's metamorphosis from "ugly duckling" to swan, click here.

Ch Piper CD ROM 
at 10 years of age

Ch Piper CD ROM

Ch Piper CD was the DAM of: Ch Daelgardes Abraxas CD, Ch Daelgardes Aggie CD ROM, Ch Daelgardes Avatar, Ch Deewal Daelgardes Abigayil, Ch Deewal Annie, Ch  Daelgardes Barret De La Carte, Ch Daelgardes Beaufort Du Brett, Ch Daelgardes Belatrix, Ch Daelgardes Casper CD HIC, Daelgardes Cedric Schuyler HIC, Ch Daelgardes Corsair HIC, Ch Daelgardes Cyr Troy De Faiva CD HIC, Ch Daelgardes Stonewall Charae

Ch Piper CD ROM was the GRANDDAM or GREAT GRANDDAM of: Daelgardes Deamon Deacon CD HIC, Ch Daelgardes d'Artful Dodger, Ch Daelgardes Dixie Du Brett, Ch Daelgardes Dacia Kim Caber CD, Ch Daelgardes Ehryne Du Brett, Ch Daelgardes Faust, Ch Daelgardes Flash, Ch Daelgardes Flint, Ch Daelgardes Gator Maid CD, Ch De La Carte Daelgardes Gourmet  CD, Ch De La Carte Daelgardes Grits , Ch De La Carte Daelgardes Groucho , Ch Daelgarde Faiva's Hazel ROM, Daelgardes High Honor CD CDX, Ch Daelgardes Hannah, Ch Daelgardes Hijacker, Ch Daelgardes Hues Schoene, Ch Faiva Guinness V Daelgarde, Ch Faiva St Pauli V Daelgarde, Ch De La Carte's I'm in Faiva, Ch Faiva's Easy Rider, Ch Faiva's Jersey Lily, Ch Faiva's Isadora Duncan, Ch Faiva's Inxs V Bearington CD OA NAJ, Ch Faiva's Major Monarch, CGC HIC, Ch Faiva's Fruska CGC HIC VBB

Ch Daelgardes Flash was the sire of  daughters Ch Faiva's Klassic Rock, Ch Faiva's Kalamity Jane, Ch Faiva's U Betcha and grandsire of Ch Daelgarde Faiva You Bet Rico HSAs MX MXJ MXP MJP NF

To view Ch Piper CD ROM pedigree click here.

Aggie winning as a puppy

Piper's daughter, "Aggie", was also a top producing ROM dam. She was the dam of the following champion grandpuppies of Piper's: Dacia, Dixie, Dodger, Deacon CD HIC, Hazel, Hues, Hanna, Hijacker, High Honor CDX, Gourmet, Grits, Groucho

"Hazel", Ch Daelgarde Faiva's Hazel ROM, was one of the foundation bitches for Faiva Bouviers.

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